The Grinning Man (1) - Episode 27 - Jonathan Creek Podcast

The Grinning Man (1) – Episode 27

The Grinning Man was the first of three Jonathan Creek specials between the fourth and fifth seasons. When a girl disappears from a supposedly haunted attic, Jonathan must identify an fifty-year-old death trap. In this podcast Gerry and Iain discuss the underrated genius of hanging disturbing art in guest accommodations.



This episode introduces the brilliant Sheridan Smith as new sidekick Joey Ross as she travels with her friend Mina (Naomi Bentley) to a party. Following a breakdown they are rescued by Glen (Ciarán McMenamin) and taken to the home of Lance Gessler (Nicholas Boulton) and his mother Constance (Judy Parfitt) where they learn about a haunted attic that has claimed the lives of multiple guests since the time Constance’s father Jacques Futrelle (Jon Campling) owned the property. When Mina disappears after spending the night in the room Joey begins to investigate and Constance calls on Jonathan for aid.


The Grinning Man was written by David Renwick and he also made his debut as director. Following the death of Verity Lambert, this special was produced by Nerys Evans.


The Grinning Man was released in 2009. It is 120 minutes long and originally aired on the BBC. The episode is available in an edited format on Netflix in the UK and Ireland, and the entire series is available on DVD in the UK and other countries, including a comprehensive box set of all the episodes up until Christmas 2016, released by the BBC.