The Tailor's Dummy - Episode 23 - Jonathan Creek Podcast

The Tailor’s Dummy – Episode 23

The Tailor’s Dummy was the third episode of Jonathan Creek‘s fourth season. When the head of a major fashion house appears to commit suicide, Jonathan and Carla must uncover some family tensions to find the truth. In this podcast Gerry and Iain take a look at creepy hoteliers and the value of a good safety chain.



This episode featured the brilliant Maureen Lipman as Louise Bergman, Nicholas Jones as her vengeful brother Claude and Jill Baker as odious conservative columnist Donna Henry. Bill Bailey reprised his role as Kenny Starkiss, Victoria Shalet played young Carrie Bergman and the victim, Marco Bergman, was briefly portrayed by Jeffrey Segal.


The Tailor’s Dummy was written by David Renwick and Christine Gernon helmed the last of her three Creeks. Verity Lambert remained as producer.


The Tailor’s Dummy was released in 2003. It is 60 minutes long and originally aired on the BBC. The episode is available in an edited format on Netflix in the UK and Ireland, and the entire series is available on DVD in the UK and other countries, including a comprehensive box set of all the episodes up until Christmas 2016, released by the BBC.